When Will I See Results from Invisalign?

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When Will I See Results from Invisalign?

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Ready to finally take the first step to straighten your teeth? Once you’ve made the decision to achieve your dream smile, it’s natural to be eager to see results as soon as possible. Invisalign, like braces, will straighten your teeth very gradually, so you may not notice a dramatic difference overnight. It’s unrealistic to expect to start with Invisalign one week and see results the next. You won’t have to be patient for too long, however! While result speed varies between patients, some patients may begin to notice a subtle difference within 10 to 12 weeks.

Why won’t I see results immediately with Invisalign?

First, it helps to understand the Invisalign process. Invisalign uses a custom-made series of BPA-free, virtually invisible aligners to straighten your teeth. Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly. Invisalign will move your teeth horizontally, and vertically, and even rotate them when needed. These aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.Your Invisalign aligners will be changed every few weeks and your teeth will become progressively straighter with each set of aligners. Each aligner tray is designed to move teeth in 0.25mm increments. During this gradual shift, your gums are reforming around each tooth. Once each tooth has been shifted into the proper position, your gums will adhere snugly to the teeth. For optimal results, Invisalign gradually aligns your teeth, which minimizes discomfort and ensures a precise, perfect dream smile. You’ll need to be patient but it pays off in the end!

How often will I need to see my orthodontist?

During Invisalign treatment, you should expect to see your orthodontist every four to six weeks. These check-up visits evaluate your progress and confirm your treatment is progressing according to plan. Compared to conventional metal braces, Invisalign generally requires less frequent appointments. This is because conventional braces need wires to be tightened at every appointment to continue treatment progression. With Invisalign, you’ll simply switch to a new aligner after two weeks– there’s no need to see an orthodontist to do this.

How long will my treatment take?

For adults, the average Invisalign treatment takes about 12 months. Every case is different, however. One reason for this shorter treatment period is that many adults who choose Invisalign have already had braces as teens. Braces helped correct their big-picture problems, like correcting their bite or fixing major spacing issues. Over time though, their teeth may have subtly shifted creating a slight misalignment in the front. Invisalign will realign these teeth. Keep in mind that every patient is different. Moderate alignment needs will require a longer treatment period. No matter how long your treatment lasts, the results are sure to please! There's nothing quite like the confidence and self-esteem boost you can get from a straight, perfect smile.

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