Am I Too Old for Braces? 3 Amazing Benefits of Adult Braces

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Am I Too Old for Braces? 3 Amazing Benefits of Adult Braces

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There was a time when having orthodontic treatment was considered strictly for children or teens. Adults who didn't have their teeth straightened during their childhood or adolescence had simply “missed the boat” when it came to enjoying straighter, more attractive smiles and healthier teeth. But today, all that's changed, and adult braces are becoming increasingly more common. In fact, according to the Canadian Dental Association, more adults than ever before are opting to have their teeth straightened with traditional braces, ceramic braces or removable aligner systems like Invisalign.

The Benefits of Adult Braces

Having braces as an adult offers the same advantages of having them as a child. Interestingly, when people think of braces, many tend to think solely of the cosmetic benefits, and for good reason. There's no doubt having straighter teeth and a more attractive smile with Adult Orthodontics can make you feel better about yourself, and studies have even shown having straight teeth and a nicer-looking smile can influence the way others feel about you as well. That can have an impact on your social life and even your professional life.As a result of this one-dimensional view of the benefits of braces, too often, adults with “other financial obligations” feel getting braces is an unnecessary expense – even vain – and wind up discounting the idea. But there are other benefits of having braces that have nothing to do with cosmetics, and understanding those factors and the impact they can have on your oral health for years to come can play an important role in deciding whether adult braces are right for you. Here are 3 benefits to adult braces.

1. Teeth are easier to care for.

When you have crooked teeth, there are plenty of crevices and hard-to-reach spots where brushing and flossing tend to fall short. Even with regular dental checkups, bacteria and plaque still have plenty of time to build up in these areas, increasing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and even tooth loss. Adult braces address these issues, making it much easier to care for your teeth between dental visits, and that means you have a much greater chance of keeping your natural teeth and avoiding dentures or other prosthetics later on.

2. You save money.

Considering the cost of adult braces, this point may seem counterintuitive at first. But when you consider the added cost of cavities, gum disease treatments and even tooth extraction and dentures or implants in the future, it's easy to see how having braces can be much easier on your budget when you consider the long-term cost implications. Plus, when the bite is not properly aligned, it can cause uneven wear on tooth surfaces, which can increase your risk of decay, tooth cracks and chips, and tooth loss, all of which can be costly to repair and restore.

3. You can avoid TMJ.

Tempomandibular (or temporomandibular) joint disorder (TMJ) is a chronic condition that occurs when misalignment of the teeth and the resulting issues with bite mechanics place extreme pressure and strain on the jaw joints. Over time, the joints become inflamed and painful, causing issues like sore jaws and chronic headaches. Having adult braces means you can avoid TMJ or correct alignment issues that may already be causing symptoms.

But I don't want to have a mouth full of metal.

And you don't have to. Adult braces have the same options as braces for kids and teens, including ceramic options that are barely noticeable and Invisalign orthodontics that are almost invisible while being worn – and they're removable to boot.

Adult Braces in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

As a leading provider of adult braces for patients in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, Docbraces is committed to offering the widest array of options as well as flexible payment plans to make the cost of adult braces as affordable as possible. Plus, with offices in Halifax, Dartmouth, Amherst, Moncton, Charlottetown and Summerside, it's easy to get the care you need to enjoy a better-looking smile and healthier teeth for years to come. Take the first step toward better oral health and call Docbraces today to schedule your evaluation.

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