Wondering How Much Does Invisalign Cost? Or How Much Do Braces Cost? Let’s Break It Down

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Wondering How Much Does Invisalign Cost? Or How Much Do Braces Cost? Let’s Break It Down

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If you wonder how much do braces cost? Or how much does Invisalign cost? We help breakdown cost elements of both orthodontic treatments: braces and Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatment is not only an investment in your smile - it’s also an investment in your confidence and self-esteem. In early 2024, we launched docbraces flexsmile at our clinics across Canada to make braces and Invisalign more affordable with flexible financing options. Now, we’re thrilled to help even more Canadians smile with confidence with our new online cost estimator for braces and Invisalign™.

Whether you’re looking to learn how you can save with a down payment, or to find the lowest monthly cost, our Cost Estimator can help you understand how orthodontic treatment can fit your budget and lifestyle.

Understanding the cost of braces and Invisalign before your visit

Starting your smile journey is exciting! One way to improve your experience is understanding the affordability and financing options available in advance, so there are no surprises. Our goal is for you to leave feeling excited about getting your dream smile, not worried about how it’ll fit your budget.

With our new cost estimator, you can explore flexsmile save and flexsmile extend. While this online tool is for illustrative purposes, and costs vary by individual patient and will be discussed at your consultation, you can get an idea of what your monthly payment amount could be with our down payment and financing options.

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Save on your orthodontic treatment plan with flexsmile save

Some patients love the option to save on their braces or Invisalign treatment plan with a higher down payment. Able to provide a down payment of at least 50%? We offer special discounts for that! If you choose to put 50% of your treatment cost down, you can save 5%. Increase that down payment to 100% to save even more and get 10% off your total cost for braces or Invisalign.

Use our online estimator to explore the discounts available depending on your down payment amount and how that impacts your monthly costs over your term length. Have insurance coverage available for orthodontic treatment? That can factor into your estimate as well. Plus, with a minimum down payment, you can skip the admin fee and enjoy 0% financing for the balance of your plan.

Find the lowest monthly cost with flexsmile extend

While some of our patients prefer the option to save overall with a down payment, others are more interested in finding the most affordable monthly cost. With our extended patient financing through humm, your monthly payments could be as low as $148! We’re excited to offer the flexibility of extending payments for up to 5 years, with $0 down and a low interest rate.

Term length options include 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Use our estimator to find the right term length and monthly payment amount that works for you.

With an understanding of the monthly costs associated with orthodontic treatment, and how affordable it can be for your unique budget, you can be more confident when you visit our clinic for a free consultation.

You’re one step away from starting your smile journey! Use our cost estimator tool to find out how affordable your orthodontic treatment could be.

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