Braces for Baby Boomers: Why Invisalign Works for Patients 50+

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Braces for Baby Boomers: Why Invisalign Works for Patients 50+

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Wish your teeth were straighter or you could reduce gaps between your teeth, but worried about whether you’re “too old” for Invisalign? Good news: you’re never too old to achieve your dream smile. Here at Docbraces, nearly half of all our patients are over the age of 50. Invisalign can help you discreetly achieve your dream smile– no awkward metal braces necessary!

Why Get Invisalign Now?

If you’re exploring orthodontic options as an older adult, one common question you may be asking is, “Why now?” Here at Docbraces, we like to say: “Why not now?” Maybe you’ve always disliked your slightly crooked front teeth or felt awkward about a less-than-perfect smile. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign will not only help you achieve your dream smile, but can also give your face a more youthful appearance.Have you ever heard of a “bracelift”? That’s what many people have been calling the change they’ve noticed in their appearance after undergoing orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment can make you look years younger and help you retain your youthful image, as it works to create symmetry in your face. For example, by widening your arches the overall impact on your face can include fuller cheeks and lips, higher cheekbones and smoother skin, as well as a broader smile. And, many people can attest to the fact that a healthy smile helps to keep you looking as young as you feel!

Invisalign and Your Health

Straightening your teeth can improve your overall health. A growing body of evidence suggests that a healthy mouth can impact your overall well-being, reducing the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. In fact, many recent studies have shown that people who suffer from gum or periodontal disease are more likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke.Improving the alignment and position of your teeth makes it easier to brush and floss effectively, especially in those harder to reach areas. Good oral hygiene is essential to reducing your risk for periodontal disease. Good oral hygiene will also lower your risk for losing teeth or needing to wear dentures.Finally, you may be surprised to learn that proper bite alignment can make a big difference for your day-to-day physical well being. Do you awake with headaches or neck pain? Do you have frequent sinus problems, shoulder pain or TMJ issues? You may be surprised to learn that these health problems are connected to incorrect spacing, contact or teeth crowding issues. It’s never too late to correct these problems so you can live an active life with less pain.

Next Steps: What to Expect with Braces After 50

Many older adults have helped their children through braces but never had braces themselves. Even if you have some experience with teeth straightening thanks to your children, it’s natural to still have questions about what to expect from Invisalign treatment.Invisalign is different than braces. With Invisalign, you will wear a set of aligners for several weeks at a time. During this period, the aligners will gently shift your teeth, causing small changes to your smile and bite. Every few weeks, you’ll swap your existing aligner for a new one. Over time, these aligners will move your teeth into position and help correct jaw alignment.

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Docbraces is an Elite Invisalign Provider committed to helping our patients achieve their dream smiles– no matter their age! We are one of the few practices in the Maritimes to be recognized with this coveted elite status. To earn this status, our orthodontic team has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours studying the Invisalign system and treating patients. Our designation as an Elite Invisalign Provider means you can feel confident that the treatment you receive from Docbraces is truly exceptional care.For more information about what to expect from Invisalign treatment as an older patient, download our FREE patient eBook “Invisalign for Baby Boomers: the Discreet Way to Finally Get a Healthy Smile”.

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