Children's Braces Before and After: Eric's Story

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Children's Braces Before and After: Eric's Story

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Eric's case is an excellent example of children's braces before and after, and is a testament to the advantages of early orthodontic treatment. Further, his transformation from before and after braces is one that many of Docbraces' patients can realize!


Like most parents, Bridget and Ken were busy with their careers, housework and escorting their children to all of their sports and school activities. However, they made sure to find the time to make an appointment with Docbraces when their son Eric was seven, as is advised for all children.

Eric, like many children, had sucked his thumb as a baby and even a toddler. Bridget and Ken tried to break him of the habit, but it took a while; and as a result, may have affected his teeth as they began to grow in.

Smile Solution

At Eric’s first Docbraces visit, the orthodontist explained to his parents that the prolonged thumb sucking meant Eric was going to need braces in order to guide his teeth into a correct position as they grew in. His lower jaw was also on the small side, resulting in an overbite.

The orthodontist explained that Eric’s jaw could be encouraged to come forward into a more ideal position through the use of regular elastic wear in an early phase of treatment once he was around 10 years old. Then, a few years later, he could be fitted for braces.

Both Bridget and Ken knew that it wasn’t easy to be a kid that had differences in school. They didn’t hesitate to take the orthodontist’s advice.

Eric’s braces were applied when he turned 12. He wore them for two years until his teeth were fully grown in and his jaw developed.

“Eric began to look forward to his visits to Docbraces every month or so,” says Bridget. “He was fascinated by the equipment and pictures on the wall. The doctors were so patient no matter how many questions he asked!”


Today Eric is 14 and his braces are off. Besides wearing his retainer every night, one would never know he was not born with a perfect smile.

But even after Eric’s braces came off, he was still interested in people’s teeth and how they could be moved and corrected. “Eric says he’s going to be an orthodontist when he grows up,” says Bridget. “We are so pleased with his progress in all aspects. And we consider Docbraces to have played a big part Eric’s development.”

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