Children's Braces Before and After: Nadine's Story

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Children's Braces Before and After: Nadine's Story

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Orthodontic treatment early in life can make a world of difference, and Nadine's case was no exception. Her patient story shows the kind of results Docbraces' child patients can realize from braces before and after.


When Nadine was seven, her parents took her on a routine visit to the orthodontist at Docbraces. While she was there, her orthodontist identified that she would need braces to make sure her teeth and jaw grew properly.

Nadine’s parents were surprised when they realized Nadine was actually happy to get braces, as she thought they made her look more grown-up like her older sister, who also had braces. But Nadine still had questions, and was nervous as the appointment for her braces grew closer.

“I explained to her that some people may have teeth that are uneven, or their upper and lower jaws may not be the same size, causing their bite not to be properly aligned,” says Nadine’s mom, Sue. She even explained to Nadine that she had braces when she was young.

“The braces I had back in the 1970’s were a lot different than the ones my girls have,” says Sue.

Sue’s braces of 30 years ago were the bulky, metal train track style. The ones that Nadine would have from Docbraces are clear and smooth with just one wire going across. A lot more comfortable and less noticeable than Sue’s were.

Smile Solution

In Nadine’s case she had an overbite, which she may have inherited from her mom, and some flared teeth as a result of thumb sucking. The Docbraces orthodontist fitted Nadine with braces that would fix both of these issues.


Although people of any age can wear braces, they tend to work very quickly and provide longer-last results on young people because they are being treated while their jaws and mouths are still growing. This was the case for Nadine.

After only a year and a bit Nadine’s braces were ready to come off. As excited as she was to get them on, Nadine was even more excited to have them taken off. She couldn’t wait to see her new smile, with her nice, straight, adult teeth, and to compare photos before and after braces.

“Before the braces she was my little girl,” says Sue. “Now, she’s a young lady! Docbraces has been such a help to both my girls. It’s hard enough to be a kid these days, but now after their braces at least they don’t have to worry about having a great smile – and that goes a long way.”

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