Choosing An Orthodontist: Why Docbraces?

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Choosing An Orthodontist: Why Docbraces?

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It's easy to feel confused at first about braces and orthodontics, and choosing an orthodontist can be overwhelming. This article will start you off on the right foot for knowing what to look for in an orthodontist, so you can get the best and most affordable care available.

At Docbraces, we pride ourselves in an excellent standard of service, working with patients of all ages and budgets in our convenient locations across the Maritimes: in Moncton, Summerside, Charlottetown, Amherst, Halifax, and Dartmouth. Use the free information in our blog to get comfortable before you even visit and learn how quickly treatments can work for you, what to expect when you visit our offices, and how affordable your care can be.

Experts at Delivering Value

Docbraces understands that every budget is different. It can be intimidating to research orthodontics prices, especially for individuals on a single income, and for families with multiple children needing care. Fortunately, Docbraces offers flexible and accommodating payment plans, as low as $49 per week, interest-free, with no credit checks required, and family discounts. Docbraces can also bill directly to your insurance provider—in fact, most plans cover around 30% - 50% of treatment costs! Docbraces recognizes that people need care to be affordable, and our faster, more effective treatments enable us to keep your regular payments and total costs below those found elsewhere. We're also proud to offer our clients the opportunity to collect reward miles as Air Miles' only orthodontic partner in the Maritimes.

Advanced Treatment Options

We understand that you care not just about cost, but also about the comfort, appearance, and duration of treatment. Docbraces uses the most effective tools available, which generally results in much shorter treatment times than found elsewhere. We start from the beginning, with advanced 3D imaging technologies such as the OrthoCAD iQ positioning system, for accurate diagnostics and monitoring of your progress. Then we use state-of-the-art treatments to give you the best results. We're proud to be in the top 5% of Invisalign providers in North America, along with offering the revolutionary new Damon Clear correction system. These technologies, along with clear braces and clear retainers, are just some of the tools Docbraces uses to help patients achieve beautiful smiles in record time. Because of our combination of early intervention and excellent techniques, we're able to make the correction experience as quick, discreet, and painless as possible.

Clinic Conveniences

Docbraces understands that a clinical environment can be stressful, especially for children. Docbraces clinics provide a relaxing atmosphere with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as internet service and video games. Each Docbraces clinic operates on a convenient flexible schedule, and select locations offer early morning and evening appointments to help our patients miss as little work or school as possible. To give you even greater peace of mind, Docbraces happily facilitates email and text reminders for appointments and even gives patients online access to appointment information and records. In every aspect of practice, your Docbraces orthodontist cares about truly meeting your needs!

Experience the Docbraces Difference

There's always more to learn, and Docbraces is happy to help you through your research. Contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation at the Docbraces location nearest you.

For more information about which factors contribute to the price of braces and the ways Docbraces can help you get the best value from your investment, download our FREE patient’s manual, The Cost of Braces & What to Expect.

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