The Cost of Braces & Cost of Invisalign for Adults

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The Cost of Braces & Cost of Invisalign for Adults

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The thought of wearing braces is finally bearable for adults: braces technology has improved, options are more discreet and treatment times have gotten shorter. And, as up to 50% of Docbraces’ patients across our practices in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, Summerside and Charlottetown are adults, it shows that a healthy, confident smile is an invaluable asset in your professional and personal life. If the perceived cost of braces or the cost of Invisalign is the only factor holding you back from achieving straight, healthy teeth, read on to learn how Docbraces is making treatment for adults more affordable than ever!

How Much Do Braces Cost? How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The tricky thing about answering this question is that in reality, no two smiles are the same. The cost of treating any patient – whether they’re a child, teen or adult – depends on a number of variables:

  • How complex is the case? – A more complex problem will always cost more than fixing a simple problem. Some patients will require multiple corrections to jaw, bite and teeth while others require minor adjustments.

  • What type of treatment is required? – The type of treatment your orthodontist recommends will also contribute to the final cost. For example, the deposit for Invisalign will be slightly more than for braces because of the initial cost of manufacturing each set of aligners.

  • How much time will the case take to correct? – Treatment that spans a larger timeframe will typically cost more than a quick fix.

Pay as Little as $49 – $65 per Week

Docbraces offers a flexible weekly payment plans that start as low as $49 – $65 per week (depending on the complexity of the case). Payments can be spread out over the course of treatment, and no credit checks are required. Payments are also interest-free!

The Cost of Not Correcting an Orthodontic Problem

Even as an adult, not fixing an orthodontic problem with braces or Invisalign might actually be costlier in the long run. For example, are you missing out on career opportunities and advancement because you lack confidence or are afraid to speak up? Do you suffer from headaches, neck ache, shoulder pain, TMJ or sinus problems as a result of jaw and bite issues? Could neglecting your oral health eventually lead to the need for more expensive treatment or even surgery down the road? These are prices you don’t want to pay.

To obtain an accurate quote for braces or Invisalign, it’s best to have a consultation with a Docbraces orthodontist so they can examine your bite and teeth, recommend a course of action and provide an estimate based on your unique needs. Best of all, consultations are FREE with no referral required, so you have nothing to lose (but a beautiful smile to gain!).

Schedule your FREE consultation today online or call 1-866-639-7695. Don't forget that you can calculate what your ongoing payments might be, and see how a downpayment or your insurance coverage might impact on your cost of treatment whenever you'd like by using our FREE Online Payment Calculator!FREE Online Payment Calculator!

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