docbraces launches programs to help Canadians and employees  smile more in 2024

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docbraces launches programs to help Canadians and employees smile more in 2024

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Canada’s largest orthodontic network celebrates the new year with new payment options, a partnership for youth mental health and new employee wellbeing initiatives.

Toronto, December 19, 2023 – docbraces, Canada’s leading orthodontics clinics network, announces today the launch of initiatives that will bring more smiles to more Canadians, employees, and young people facing mental health challenges.

On January 8th, docbraces locations will launch flexsmile, a program designed to help people invest in their smile through flexible financing options that suit each patient’s budget. Patients will have new zero-down payment options as well as greater flexibility on their monthly payment amounts and terms through an easy-to-understand financing program. A major stride to greater oral healthcare access, the program reflects docbraces’ commitment to ensuring a confident smile is within reach for individuals and families across Canada.

“A healthy smile goes a long way in building self-esteem and confidence,” says George Jeffrey, CEO of Canadian Orthodontic Partners, the company behind docbraces. “All too often, Canadians delay orthodontic services because they worry it will be unaffordable. We’re here to offer them options and inform them that a smile is one of the best investments they can make to improve their quality of life.”

The positive impact smiling has on mood is well documented and universally accepted. Smiling causes the brain to release serotonin, which is linked to happiness. It also releases dopamine, which is positively correlated with pleasure. Sadly, a November of 2023 report* from Statistics Canada reveals that one in four Canadians reported avoiding going to a dental professional – a key enabler in a healthier smile – due to cost.

As a further step in making orthodontic care more accessible, docbraces is piloting a self-scheduling program allowing patients to book their initial, no cost, consultation online. The program is currently offered at docbraces MCO clinics in Markham, Scarborough, Stouffville and Oshawa, and will continue to expand to other docbraces locations across Canada by the end of 2024.

The importance of a smile and mental health has also driven docbraces to expand its partnership with, Canada’s only charity training young leaders to revolutionize mental health. Acting as allies and advocates, docbraces and its team will support in raising awareness, dismantling stigma, and offering resources for mental health education and support for youth and their families.

“Having supporters such as docbraces who amplify our work is vital to our success,” says Heidi Pyper, Manager, Corporate Partnerships at “We’re working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their mental health and be there for one another. We all deserve to live in a Canada without shame, and where all those who need support get the help they deserve.”

Understanding that the well-being of Canadians begins at home, Canadian Orthodontic Partners is also introducing programs to support its growing network of doctors and team members. The network introduces in 2024 “Kii”, an employee and family assistance program expanding coverage to all household members and enhancing mental health services. The company has also revised its employee benefit plan, broadening mental health coverage, providing additional discounts on fitness memberships and an increase in paramedical allowances.

“Healthier and happier team members leads to a better patient experience,” says Jeffrey. “Supported by our doctors and team members, we’re committed to delivering more smiles in 2024 through the pillars of community, team wellness and accessibility.”

To wrap up its new year’s initiatives, docbraces has launched a new dental referral portal. Available at, the portal is in response to the growing need for open, real-time dialogue between referring dentists and orthodontists. Referring dental offices receive instant confirmation, a copy of the referral, patient records, photos, X-rays, and treatment details online, reducing workload and workload-related stresses – all in the spirit of delivering a seamless and quickest-possible service to patients and our partners in the dental community.

To learn more about Canadian Orthodontic Partners and its plans for a healthy 2024, please visit

Canadian Orthodontic Partners launches flexsmile, January 8, 2024, a program that gives patients the utmost flexibility when it comes to their payment terms – including zero-down payment options – through an easy-to-understand finance program.

flexsmile Markham

Patrica Liu, Treatment Coordinator at docbraces Markham MCO, shares new flexsmile program offerings with flexible payment and financing options for orthodontic treatment.

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