Expert Care Led by a Certified Orthodontist: Meet the docbraces Cranbrook team

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Expert Care Led by a Certified Orthodontist: Meet the docbraces Cranbrook team

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The docbraces Cranbrook team couldn’t be more enthusiastic about what they do - creating confident, healthy smiles with braces and InvisalignⓇ. They understand how a beautiful smile can change someone's life, and they are so happy to be a part of that journey. It is why they do what they do everyday! Want to learn more about the team behind the smiles in Cranbrook? Keep reading!

Expert Care Led by the Only Certified Orthodontist in the Area

One thing that sets the docbraces Cranbrook team apart is that they are long-term staff led by the only certified Orthodontist in the region. Serving the British Columbia communities of Cranbrook, Kimberly, Fernie, Invermere, Creston and beyond, you can have peace of mind that your braces or Invisalign treatment is overseen by a certified Orthodontist and expert in smile transformations.

Did you know? Orthodontics is a specialty in dentistry. Unlike general dentists, Orthodontists are specially trained to diagnose, prevent and correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Our orthodontic specialist is solely focused on providing exceptional care that gives you confidence in your choice of treatment.

A Century of Experience in Braces & Invisalign

The expertise doesn’t stop with the Orthodontist! Between the 7 team members at docbraces Cranbrook, they have collectively have over 120 years of experience in Orthodontics, with the majority of that time being in the docbraces Cranbrook clinic. With more than a century in transforming smiles with braces and Invisalign, this team knows what it takes to create beautiful, healthy smiles. They highly value their relationships with their patients, and they love seeing how patients' confidence transforms along with their smiles.

Patient-care and local community

To the docbraces Cranbrook team, patient-care is centered around open communication and teamwork. The team says it is critical that the clinic is a safe-space for their patients, and that they feel comfortable and satisfied with their treatment. Their favourite way to make their patients smile is when they can take off their braces or Invisalign at the end of treatment they shared.

The docbraces Cranbrook team is heavily involved in supporting their local Cranbrook and Kimberly sports teams and community, including attending local children's festivals, school and sporting events. They also are extremely passionate about giving back to local women’s shelters and local food banks, and they love to support those spaces as well.

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