Invisalign Teen Before and After: Sarah's Story

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Invisalign Teen Before and After: Sarah's Story

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A new type of treatment is becoming increasingly popular among Docbraces' teen patients—and the Invisalign before and after stories make it obvious why! One case that stood out in particular was Sarah, who has kindly shared her Invisalign Teen before and after story with us in this blog post:


Sarah loved her school and her friends. She also loved her music and voice classes. She had her heart set on a scholarship to an advanced music program in university. But the tryouts, rehearsals and auditions were becoming more stressful than ever before.

Sarah never had a problem performing in front of an audience, but lately she had become self-conscious about her teeth. When she smiled there was a slight space between her front teeth that her parents always said was “cute” and “added character” to her smile. Sarah was no longer sure she believed this.

Smile Solution

After a discussion with her parents, Sarah’s mom made her an appointment with Docbraces to see what could be done about her smile. It turned out that Sarah was a perfect candidate for Invisalign Teen.

The invisalign Teen option meant that Sarah could remove her aligners before she performed on stage—and even when she was wearing them, they were hardly noticeable. She took them out to eat and when she had a special performance.

Sarah was ecstatic. Every six to eight weeks she visited the office to get a new series of aligners to fit her as her teeth moved. And it didn’t hurt at all! While at the Docbraces’ offices, she loved to look at the pictures of patients before and after Invisalign Teen. She couldn’t wait to be one of those success stories.

Sarah’s mom was pretty happy too when she learned that Docbraces offered a payment plan with no interest.


Invisalign Teen was the perfect option for Sarah. She felt like a completely different girl than before Invisalign Teen.

“I felt so confident on stage as my teeth improved,” says Sarah. “I don’t feel as shy about opening my mouth and smiling when I’m performing—just the opposite, in fact. I’m glad I spoke up to my parents about my insecurities about my smile. Invisalign was the perfect choice for my life!”

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