Invisalign vs Braces: Comfort and Discretion

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Invisalign vs Braces: Comfort and Discretion

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For many people, the thought of braces brings with it a series of misconceptions and fears. These fears range from discomfort to aesthetics and are mostly based on outdated misinformation. Advances in orthodontics have made it possible to give yourself the smile you’ve always wanted—in comfort and privacy. Deciding between Invisalign vs braces is just the beginning! Learning more about Invisalign, clear braces and ceramic braces means you can make the best decision about giving yourself the smile you deserve.

Invisalign Means Comfort and Discretion

Invisalign is a system of clear, removable aligners that gently ease your teeth into an optimal position. They’re removable and nearly invisible, providing the wearer with a discrete alternative to traditional braces. They can be more comfortable than traditional braces and allow for a number of activities that would have previously been difficult or impossible.With Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want. Gone are the days when you would have to eat foods that would not interfere with your braces. Now, simply remove the aligners, eat whatever you’d like and put them back on when you’re finished (ensuring you're brushing after each meal, of course!) If you want to participate in sports, simply remove the aligners and pop in a mouthguard.Many people feel embarrassed about an imperfect smile or overbite. With Invisalign, those sentiments are gone, replaced with a natural smile. The clear aligners are nearly invisible so even as your smile improves, most people are entirely unaware that you’re in the midst of your orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, discretion is assured. Give yourself the smile you deserve without frowning in the meantime!

Improve Your Smile, At Any Age

Another misconception about braces and Invisalign is that it’s a solution for teenagers and that once you’ve hit 21, your smile is what it is. This is simply not the case. Docbraces has helped over 300 patients correct their smiles with Invisalign and almost 50% of those patients have been adults. Patients range in age all the way up to 70.Invisalign can be used to correct issues ranging from moderate to complex, even helping resolve complicated issues that other orthodontists might use traditional braces to correct. The ideal candidate is anyone who wishes to have a brighter smile and straighter teeth. While not every smile can be corrected using Invisalign, age is never the deciding factor. In fact, adults are often more willing and vigilant in wearing the aligners for the required 22 hours per day.

Modern Clear Braces: Natural Look and Feel

Advances in orthodontic technology have been incredible. Braces are no longer thick or obvious. Clear braces and friction-free ceramic braces provide comfortable, effective and discreet treatment. There are far fewer adjustments than in the past and teeth are brought into a proper position quickly and comfortably. They’re unassuming and don’t attract attention in the way that traditional braces used to.Because they align your teeth gently and comfortably, you’ll be less likely to feel like you’re wearing braces. And when you don’t notice that you’re wearing braces, other people won’t notice that you’re wearing braces either. You’ve probably spoken to someone with clear braces or ceramic braces and not even noticed. They’re incredibly resistant to wear and staining, while providing the wearer with a much more natural look and feel.

​Take The Next Step Towards a Healthy Smile

Taking care of your teeth means taking care of your overall health. Improving your smile can reduce neck pain, headaches and a myriad of other health concerns. A brighter, healthier smile is just one of the positives that comes from making the commitment to your health through orthodontic treatment. By scheduling a FREE consultation with a Docbraces team member, you can get started today on the road to your perfect smile!

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