Loose or broken bracket/wire

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Loose or broken bracket/wire

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Here’s what to do if a bracket or archwire comes loose or breaks. The video is definitely the best way to see how to solve the problem, but we’ve also listed out the steps below if that’s more convenient for you!

Why does this happen?

Brackets or wires can break or move when you eat certain foods or if your bite changes.

Loose or broken bracket

The bracket is the metal part that attaches to the tooth. here’s what you can do if it comes loose or breaks.

  1. Mold wax above and below the bracket to keep it from moving. ensure the surface is dry before placing wax.
  2. If it is close to falling off, cut the ligature (coloured elastic) with clean nail clippers. then remove the bracket with clean tweezers.
  3. Keep the bracket and bring it to your next appointment.

Loose or broken wire

Here’s what to do if a wire comes loose or breaks.

  1. A loose wire can sometimes be pushed back into place with a pencil’s eraser end.
  2. If this doesn’t work, use wax to hold it in place.
  3. If the wire is broken, you can trim it down so it doesn’t hurt you. you can do this with clean nail clippers.
  4. Place wax over the exposed wire to avoid discomfort.

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