Meet Dr. Mariam Haroun: Creating Beautiful Smiles and Building Confidence

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Meet Dr. Mariam Haroun: Creating Beautiful Smiles and Building Confidence

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Meet Dr. Mariam Haroun: Certified Orthodontic Specialist at docbraces MCO

As a child, Dr. Mariam Haroun dreamt of unearthing the mysteries of ancient civilizations as an archaeologist. The rich history of her birth country, particularly that of the Ancient Egyptians, fueled her imagination. Little did she know that her journey would lead her to a different kind of transformation – one that involved creating beautiful smiles and building confidence through orthodontics.

"I love being part of the field that does so much to build people’s confidence," Dr. Haroun shares. "Orthodontics completely transformed my personality from a shy, self-conscious pre-teen to a confident, outspoken teenager, simply through the straightening of my teeth." Her passion for orthodontics clearly stems from her own experience and the profound impact it had on her life. Now, as a skilled orthodontist, Dr. Haroun is dedicated to providing excellent patient care and making a difference in the lives of her patients.

When asked about her greatest accomplishment, Dr. Haroun modestly credits reeling in her husband and creating three beautiful children with him. Yet, her patients would undoubtedly attest to her professional achievements in creating countless stunning smiles.

How Dr. Haroun approaches patient care in Orthodontics

For Dr. Haroun, the key to excellent patient care lies in listening and learning. She emphasizes the importance of listening to patients and her team, as well as continually learning from mentors and experts in the field. In her practice, teamwork is paramount. Dr. Haroun believes in fostering the right attitude towards teamwork, where every member of the clinic is valued and works together to achieve the best outcomes for patients.

Her treatment philosophy is focused on addressing patients' chief concerns while maintaining clinical excellence. Dr. Haroun ensures that her approach is practical for patients and parents, understanding the importance of balancing aesthetics with functionality. Her mantra for success is to manage time effectively, believing that with proper planning, anything is achievable.

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Making a difference in the GTA community and beyond

Outside of creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Haroun enjoys engaging with her local community by presenting to local groups about oral health and early tooth development. A Mommies and Me group at her local church is a favourite to speak to, showing her commitment to spreading awareness and knowledge. In her free time, Dr. Haroun indulges in hobbies like reading (especially audiobooks), playing soccer, indoor rock climbing, and traveling. And when it comes to dessert, her weakness is chocolate chip cookies.

Dr. Haroun finds inspiration in fantasy books and movies, with favorites like "Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter." If given the chance to meet anyone dead or alive, Dr. Haroun's choice would be Jesus Christ. She finds the idea of meeting Him in person both epic and life-changing.

Passionate about supporting Coptic Orphans in Egypt, Dr. Haroun is driven by a desire to make a difference in the lives of children in need. As she continues her journey, Dr. Haroun dreams of visiting the Coptic Christian Monasteries and Convents in Egypt, seeking the ultimate simplicity and peace they offer.

In closing, Dr. Mariam Haroun lives by the words of Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Her authenticity, dedication to her patients, and passion for her work shine through in every beautiful smile she creates.

Dedicated to fostering the future of Orthodontic treatment

In addition to her practice at docbraces, Dr. Haroun has a passion for teaching dentists and future dentists. She is committed to providing the highest standard of care, as well as helping the next generation of providers do the same. Dr. Haroun taught orthodontics for the Faculty of Dentistry at University of Toronto and has given lectures across the GTA and as a guest lecturer for the Department of Orthodontics at LSU.

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