Introducing the Smile Experts: Meet the docbraces Comox and Campbell River Team

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Introducing the Smile Experts: Meet the docbraces Comox and Campbell River Team

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Meet the docbraces Comox and Campbell River Team

This dream Orthodontic team spans across two docbraces clinics: Campbell River and Comox, British Columbia. The team is rich in experience and expertise, with long-term staff who each have a decade or more of experience working in Orthodontics!

Passionate, long-term staff at docbraces Comox and docbraces Campbell River

Joanne, the Patient Service Coordinator at docbraces Comox and docbraces Campbell River boasts an impressive 37 years in the industry, while the skilled Lab Technician, Annabel, brings 25 years of valuable experience. The team’s Clinician, Vanessa, has been with the team for nearly a decade, and Financial Coordinator, Tanya, for three years, both contributing their unique talents to their practice. They are passionate about creating beautiful, healthy smiles, and everlasting confidence with braces and Invisalign.

Patient Services Coordinator, Joanne Delcasino, shared this sentiment in saying,after 37 years in the industry, I still find immense joy in being part of our patients' smiling journey.”

The doctor leading smile transformations with braces and Invisalign

The expert Orthodontist leading smile transformations at docbraces Campbell River and docbraces Comox is Dr. Nandan Buch. Dr. Buch shared his favourite way to make patients smile – he loves to show comparative photos to patients chairside and loves to see “their lit up eyes, natural smiles and a little high-five. This gives them self-belief and confidence about their smile journey with us!”

Dr. Buch received his first degree in Dentistry with a rank in the top three of his graduating class at Bhavnagar University in India. He then pursued a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Global Health and Cranio-facial developmental conditions at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, NY. Dr. Buch completed a second degree in Dentistry before returning to New York to attend a three-year residency in Orthodontics at BronxCare Health System, affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital. He served as the Chief Resident of the program during the final year. He is also certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

What’s Dr. Buch’s treatment philosophy in Orthodontics? Efficient, patient-centered and focused on stable treatment outcomes.

Cultivating a stress-free, community culture in clinic

The docbraces Comox and Campbell River team is always focused on providing the best treatment. But their commitment goes beyond straightening teeth; it's about fostering a safe haven where patients thrive. With a patient-centered approach, their mantra is efficiency. The team ensures every step of the treatment journey is seamless and stress-free. Communication is their superpower, knitting the team together to deliver nothing short of excellence for their patients.

On the topic of communication, this team is also happy to provide orthodontic service for teens and adults in English, French, Spanish, or Hindi! They are additionally happy to help their patients with FNHIB/Jordan's principle submissions.

Beyond braces and Invisalign treatment in Campbell River and Comox

At the heart of their orthodontic practices in Campbell River and Comox beats a passion for more than just crafting smiles – it's about creating ripples of joy that extend far beyond our clinic doors. They love giving back to their local community by getting involved in any way possible. Just recently, the team participated in the Youth Carnival in Campbell River, where about 300 Frisbees were given to the kids to play with this summer. It's moments like these that remind them of the simple joy of making someone smile.

This team loves working together, and amidst the whirlwind of appointments and treatments, they find solace in their cherished team traditions. Whether it's bonding over a steaming cup of Starbucks coffee or sharing a well-deserved moment of camaraderie, the team knows that their strength lies within their unity. They would also love the opportunity to travel together; when asked where in the world they would want to go as a team, they said “The Western Orthodontic Conference, PSCO in Hawaii 2025!”

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