How Much do Braces Cost and How Can I Finance My Treatment?

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How Much do Braces Cost and How Can I Finance My Treatment?

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For many people, an important factor in deciding the best time to begin orthodontic treatment is cost. In fact, very often while a patient is booking or undergoing their free consultation in any one of our five Maritime practices, we’re often asked “what do braces cost?” The simple answer is that it depends on your age as well as the length and complexity of your treatment. All of these factors will have an impact on your total cost.

Find Out What Braces Cost

To help you find out how low your weekly payments could be, we’ve created a helpful, FREE Online Payment Calculator. All you’ll have to do is enter how long you’d need to wear your braces, how much of your treatment your insurance company will cover and what your down payment is going to be.

Docbraces Financing Options

It’s important to us that cost is never a factor in our patients getting the treatment that they need to achieve a beautiful healthy smile and finally enjoy the confidence boost and on-going, overall health benefits that come from orthodontic treatment. That’s why we’ve developed a number of payment options, and we are happy to offer our patients interest-free financing, so you can spread your payments throughout your treatment. Our teams in Moncton, Halifax, Dartmouth, Charlottetown, or Summerside work closely with all of our patients to ensure that our flexible financing options will help you afford your treatment without stress. When you decide it’s time for your treatment, we’ll help you make it work.We’re also pleased to be able to offer a discount to families with two or more members undergoing treatment with Docbraces. We also bill your insurance companies directly whenever we can to save you from having to pay out of pocket and then waiting to be reimbursed.In addition to these options, we also provide many other great benefits including a range of patient rewards through our Patient Rewards Hub Incentive Program. We always offer FREE consultations or second opinions and you do not need a referral from a dentist to schedule your appointment.

Priceless Final Result

However you choose to finance your treatment, the final result will be priceless. Orthodontic treatment can have a lasting effect on your entire body, not just your teeth and jaws. Your treatment will help you maintain a high level of oral hygiene through addressing any gaps or areas where plaque and bacteria could collect. This helps reduce the chances you’ll develop cavities and can also greatly reduce the possibility that you’ll be diagnosed with a range of lifestyle related diseases.Ready to experience the transformative effect that you’ll get with braces? Don’t wait any longer to find out how much your treatment might cost with the Online Payment Calculator, or discuss it with us in person at your FREE consultation!

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