5 Reasons to Choose an Elite Invisalign Provider

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5 Reasons to Choose an Elite Invisalign Provider

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If you're reading this, you're probably considering Invisalign for straightening your teeth and improving your smile. An equally important part of your decision (that perhaps you haven't considered yet) is who will provide your treatment, guiding you through the process to ensuring your success. After all, you wouldn’t want a hobby mechanic working on your Porsche, right? In the case of Invisalign, you want—and need—an Elite Provider.

What is an Elite Invisalign Provider?

Elite providers are in the top 5% of providers as designated by Invisalign. Elite Providers have been working with the Invisalign product for a long time, with at least 300 lifetime patients treated. It is the highest level of achievement available to Invisalign providers.

5 Reasons to Choose an Elite Invisalign Provider

1. You are guaranteed an orthodontist with Invisalign experience. 

It’s simple—if you want your orthodontist to be the most experienced Invisalign provider available, then you should choose one with Elite Provider status. These professionals are given this designation only if they meet the experience requirements. Elite Providers make up only 5% of all Invisalign providers in North America.

2. You can be assured that Elite Providers have received the best Invisalign training.

Only an orthodontist who has completed Invisalign training is qualified to determine whether or not Invisalign treatment is right for you. The orthodontists and Smile Team members at Docbraces have committed countless hours of continued education on the use of Invisalign’s clear removable aligners to ensure you receive the best care available.

3. Elite Invisalign Providers can treat a variety of cases.

As a result of their commitment, experience and training, Elite Invisalign Providers are able to treat moderate to complex orthodontic cases using Invisalign’s clear removable aligners. The Elite status means these providers are qualified to plan for even complex tooth movement.

4. Elite Providers allow you to distinguish the experts from the others.

Elite Providers put their long-term experience to work for you. Keep in mind that for some Invisalign patients, particularly for more complex cases, other orthodontic treatments may be required in conjunction with Invisalign. The Elite Providers know how to move teeth, guide the jaw and improve the bite for a healthier mouth—not just how to apply Invisalign. Remember, Invisalign is not just a product—it's a technique used as part of an overall approach to orthodontics.

5. An Elite Invisalign Provider can show you results.

Because Elite Providers are experienced, potential patients will be able to see pictures of other patient’s successes. Even some of the Smile Team or the orthodontists themselves may be currently wearing, or have worn, Invisalign before! Also, an Elite Invisalign Provider will be able to tell you how many patients they have treated.

Remember, you are not purchasing Invisalign. You are buying orthodontic expertise that will use Invisalign. The orthodontist’s level of experience is essential to your smile satisfaction. As the region’s first and only orthodontic practice to have earned the “Elite Provider” status, Docbraces is one of Atlantic Canada’s leading Invisalign expert!

To learn more about how Invisalign through an Elite Provider could work for you—including who makes a good Invisalign candidate, download the FREE Braces & Invisalign Guide for Adults for more information.

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