Who Makes A Good Candidate For Invisalign or Braces?

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Who Makes A Good Candidate For Invisalign or Braces?

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Docbraces uses braces, Invisalign and corrective appliances to help patients of all ages - from 7 to 70 years old - enhance their confidence by shaping beautiful smiles and prevent health problems by aligning the teeth and jaw. Many children, teenagers and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment. Whether you're seeking information about orthodontics for you or for your child, it helps to first understand the factors that make a patient an ideal candidate for braces, Invisalign and other corrective alternatives.

Children (Ages 7 - 12)

According to the American Journal of Orthodontics, one in three children can benefit from wearing braces. Additionally, the Canadian Orthodontist Association recommends that all children see an orthodontist for a consultation by age 7. At the age of 7, your child’s teeth have developed sufficiently for the orthodontist to assess the condition of their teeth and to use braces or corrective appliances to guide healthy development and prevent problems from occurring in the future.Because children's teeth, jaws and faces are still developing, they make ideal candidates for braces. Crooked teeth can lead to a wide range of dangerous and expensive health problems later in life, including tooth decay, chewing and nutritional deficiencies, cavities, and even gum and heart disease. Treating your child with braces at an early age can prevent these problems from occurring, ensuring that their teeth remain healthy, straight, and evenly aligned as they develop. Additionally, when treated at a younger age, relapse is less likely to occur.

Teenagers (Ages 13 - 18)

According to, approximately 80% of teenagers in the U.S. have worn braces. Many teenagers experience problems with their teeth and complications with their mouths, which means most teenagers will benefit from braces or corrective alternatives. Teenagers with overbites, underbites, chewing problems or crowded teeth can correct these issues by wearing braces.There are many braces and corrective appliances available that are attractive, discreet and comfortable and can effectively correct any alignment problems that your teenager is experiencing. One popular product in particular is Invisalign Teen. Most teenagers make good candidates for orthodontic treatment, but it's important that they see an orthodontist for a consultation as soon as possible so that Docbraces can identify any issues and help guide development so your family can avoid more serious (and expensive) health problems from developing.

Adults (Ages 19 - 70+)

The American Association of Orthodontics indicates that almost 25% of people wearing braces are adults. Adults of all ages are ideal candidates to wear braces. In fact, Docbraces has helped patients in their seventies realize beautiful results! Braces and corrective appliances can help adults suffering from a wide range of issues including crooked teeth, gum defects, excessive plaque accumulation and more. A straight, healthy and easy-to-clean smile can also help adults who want to prevent cardiovascular diseases from occurring as a result of tooth decay.In addition to the health benefits, many adults enjoy the cosmetic advantages of braces. Braces can enhance the appearance of your teeth, improve the beauty of your smile and enhance your overall self-esteem. All five of our Docbraces practices (Moncton, Charlottetown, Halifax, Dartmouth, and Summerside) are pleased to offer adults a wide range of attractive treatment options, including clear braces and Invisalign, to help shape a beautiful smile in the most discreet and comfortable way possible. If you want to perfect your smile and maximize your confidence to help you succeed in your social or professional endeavors, you could benefit from wearing braces or other corrective alternatives.

Are YOU an ideal candidate?

Still unsure about whether or not you or your child is a good candidate for braces? We’re happy to help you find out in a free, no-obligation consultation at the Docbraces clinic nearest you. During your consultation, a Docbraces orthodontist will be able to tell you what kind of dental correction is best for your smile and approximately how long your treatment will take to complete.In the meantime, for more information about treatment options, what to expect during your first consultation and the cost of braces, download our FREE patient’s manual, The Cost of Braces & What to Expect.

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